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New set of 15 hands-on activities explores the relationships between GIS and Statistics

09-08-2023 11:48 AM
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My Esri colleague Kate Hess and I created a set of 15 hands-on activities that are now available to you, allowing you and your students to explore the relationships between GIS and Statistics.  We placed the set into a story map collection as 3 story maps, linked below.  

Creating a Strong Foundation for Statistics With GIS


We originally created these for teaching attendees in a workshop at the International Statistics Institute's world statistics conference, held in Canada in 2023, to aid statisticians in their use of spatial analysis and mapping.  However, because I believe these resources will be valuable for any instructor or student who wants to take a deeper dive into statistical measures, with a healthy set of introductory activities as well, I am sharing them with you.

With this set of lessons, you will understand how GIS can be applied to all aspects of census and statistical workflows including data collection, spatial analysis, data science as well as dissemination of data through this set of 15 hands-on activities.  These lessons cover a variety of themes, scales, and tools, largely focused on ArcGIS Online, but also including Survey123, and web mapping applications such as dashboards and instant apps.

The lessons include:  Using spatial statistics to understand invasive species (where you create tessellations, mean centers, and standard deviational ellipses, among other things), extracting features from satellite imagery with deep learning tools, creating scatter plots and maps to uncover spatial relationships, creating expressions, and conducting bivariate and relationship mapping.

For more on this topic, see my colleagues' wonderful new book Spatial Statistics Illustrated, from Esri Press:

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