List of resources for working group topics at Esri Imagery and Remote Sensing Educators Summit

2 weeks ago
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We just finished the 1st day of the Esri Imagery and Remote Sensing Educators Summit. We had great lighting talk presentations, and engaging discussions in each working group. Panelists and participants enjoyed sharing knowledge, experience, ideas, current and near-future technology, challenges and of course opportunities moving forward. One common question asked by attendees was in regards to resources for further learning and adoption in teaching and research.  

Following are the list of resources that we compiled for each working group topic:

Working Group 1 - Drones - Drones in Education: Challenges Implementing UAS Technology



Working Group 2 - 3D Imagery - Remote Sensing the Foundation for 3D Capture and Reality Mapping



Working Group 3 - GEO AI/ML/DL - Recognizing opportunities and challenges utilizing GEO AI for education



We will present the results of working groups on the 2nd day of the summit, April 29, 2021.  It is not too late to register and join.  Day two is also packed with technology updates and other teaching resources.

More resources including the recording and presentations will be shared a few weeks after the summit.  Attendees will receive an email with the links. 

Feel free to leave your comments/questions, or contact for specific questions. 


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