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New 3D basemaps solution

07-02-2020 12:02 AM
Esri Contributor
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Today we released our new 3D basemaps solution. This solution includes a series of workflows that can be used by mapping technicians to create and maintain a 3D basemap for their organization, leveraging existing data such as lidar, building footprints and underground utility features. The output of the workflows is a collection of 3D layers which can be used to serve as a 3D basemap for desktop, mobile and web mapping applications.

3D basemap generated from lidar

Leveraging lidar to create a 3D basemap.

This new release is a major enhancement of the existing local government 3D basemaps solution which has been moved to mature support. New in the 3D basemaps solution is the ability to:

  • create 3D bridges using classified lidar and procedural rules 
  • create 3D power lines using existing GIS data such as power pole locations
  • create underground pipes from existing utility data

We also improved the task workflows and structured them around a layer based output. For more information, check out the "Getting to know 3D basemaps" storymap or visit the ArcGIS Solutions website