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Don't forget to keep moving and keep washing - in a spatial way!

12-22-2022 10:48 AM
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I wish to take this opportunity to tell the GIS education community that you are doing important and noble work.  Many people dream about changing the world--you are actually doing it!  You are planting seeds that will grow into forests; your students will become positive change agents in a whole host of disciplines, with spatial thinking and geotechnologies on their toolbelts.

Amidst all the good work you are doing, don't forget to stay active -- keep moving and keep washing - in a spatial way! 

See my geography stretch video -- Flex your Finland!  Elevate your Equator!  

Keep washing too!  Here is my idea to keep spatially focused while washing your hands:

My hand washing video uses the 5 Great Lakes as a framework, but you could use any group of 5 -- cities that start with A, the five largest lakes of the world, landforms, biomes, oceans, continents, countries that are landlocked, the 5 themes of geography, or something else.   


Give these a try in your own classroom and keep it lively, fun, and spatial!

--Joseph Kerski 

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