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Analyzing demographics, business, and consumer preference data using Business Analyst Web App: Workshop

11-03-2023 08:13 AM
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At the Applied Geography Conference (AGX), I recently conducted a hands-on workshop focused on how to teach with and conduct research with the ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App. I share the workshop slides and videos so that you also can take advantage of these amazing capabilities and rich data sets for your own teaching and research. 

Business Analyst Web App is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that applies GIS technology to analyze demographic and behavioral data, allowing you to perform
analysis, and create maps, reports, and infographics.

The goals for this workshop were:  (1)  Understanding what the Business
Analyst Web App is and why to use it in instruction and research.   (2)  Learning
how to use the Business Analyst Web App.

One of the most appealing things about the tool is the data bundled inside it.  Business Analyst data includes 15,000+ variable options from more than 130 countries, including demographics, business locations, consumer spending, and market potential, at multiple geographies. With ready to use and custom data infographic templates and 40+ reports, sharing the analysis you've done
using the data included with Business Analyst alongside your proprietary data is both informative and captivating.  The following graphic shows just a tiny slice of the types of maps, reports, and infographics you and your students can create:


Why use the Business Analyst Web App?
It is:
- Cloud based; no software required.
- Connected to ArcGIS
- Built for the non GIS expert: Straightforward to use!
- A powerful set of tools.
- Pre loaded with a vast amount of data.   This data is multiscale, authoritative, and is updated on a regular basis. It includes current data *and* data projections.

Chances are, you already have access to Business Analyst Web App on your campus as part of your Esri institutional agreement! 

Where can you use the Business Analyst Web App?  First, in research:  Whenever visualizing demographic and behavioral variables and business locations need to be analyzed over space and time.  Second, in instruction, in these disciplines: 

- GIScience
- Geography
- Sociology
- Business
- Data science
- Mathematics
- Economics, and more.

See the following resources:  (1) The attached set of slides.  (2)  The videos that walk you through each step in the analysis, but also focus on teachable moments throughout, to support the attached slides.  They are in this playlist on the Our Earth channel:

There are 9 videos in total to support this workshop:

1.  Introduction, why, how, and single variable mapping.
2.  Bivariate mapping.
3.  Tapestry and behavior analysis.
4.  Smart map search:  Multiple variables.
5.  Business analysis:  Regional patterns.
6.  Site selection analysis for specific business types.
7.  Sharing content to and from ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro.
8.  A sample lesson:  Art-o-Mat and behavioral analysis.
9.  A deeper dive:  Demographics, consumer preferences, and continuing your journey:  Next steps.

In addition, see these resources to continue your journey:

Videos : Esri:  - search on business, business analyst web app, and related terms.

Software Documentation: analyst/web/welcome.htm

Business Analyst Tutorials:

and others exist on: 

I look forward to hearing how you are using these resources and how you are using these tools and data sets in your own teaching and research!


About the Author
I believe that spatial thinking can transform education and society through the application of Geographic Information Systems for instruction, research, administration, and policy. I hold 3 degrees in Geography, have served at NOAA, the US Census Bureau, and USGS as a cartographer and geographer, and teach a variety of F2F (Face to Face) (including T3G) and online courses. I have authored a variety of books and textbooks about the environment, STEM, GIS, and education. These include "Interpreting Our World", "Essentials of the Environment", "Tribal GIS", "The GIS Guide to Public Domain Data", "International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS In Secondary Education", "Spatial Mathematics" and others. I write for 2 blogs, 2 monthly podcasts, and a variety of journals, and have created over 5,000 videos on the Our Earth YouTube channel. Yet, as time passes, the more I realize my own limitations and that this is a lifelong learning endeavor and thus I actively seek mentors and collaborators.