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ArcGIS Online WebApp Builder - Services on own Server

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04-27-2015 04:54 AM
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Dear Community,

i have a question regarding the WAB.

I configures a WebMap with the WebApp Builder via ArcGIS Online.

The services within the Map are hosted on ower own server. The thematic layers are visible when i configure the Maps.

Now the problem:

I scanned the QR Code, to see if the responsive design is working.

After scanning i had to login into AGO (because the map is not published (free to all) yet).

On the mobile device with internet access (not in WLAN mode), the map is loading aswell as the map layout.

Problem: The thematic layers (which are published on our server) are not showing up (also the layerlist is empty) - means the layers are not even loaded into the application.

Question: Is there any setting to be done from side of our IT Department (Port- or Proxy Setting?).

Thanks in advice,

am a AGO "beginner".....


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Hi Stan,

thank you for the detailed information. I am a real AGO and ArcGIS Web App "newbe". The only thing what we have to manage all the services is the "Arc GIS Server Manager" where i can manage the services and some settings. I publish all my services via ArcMap.

I never though this could be so confusing - i just started this position and did not find any documentary about ArcGIS related installations......

We are still running the 10.2.2 but i think we already could update to 10.3 (ArcGIS Server Standard).

Best regards and thanks alot,


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It looks like from comments above that you need to do as Jake said. You need to make your services available to the outside so that AGOL can view the rest point. Just so you know, I have 10.2.1 Server and no Portal. I register the map services from my own server with AGOL and then add them to a web map and do some configuration and then you can easily add that web map to WAB.


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Hi Jake,

we started to create the FQDN and are presently configurating everything related to our firewall and the reverse proxy. I will keep you up to date when everything is running.

Thank you so much for the help!

Best regards,


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Dear all,

thank you very much for all the answers to my question - it helped to solve the situation/problem. The services are "visible" from the internet now. It was a little bit complicated because of our security structure, but now, i can acess the WAB as well as he services and maps from the Flex Viewer from outside the organisation. Thanks alot!

Best regards,


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Hi Thomas,

I'm interested in your comment about the complications due to your security structure.

We have some REST services on our server that can be viewed perfectly well externally in a Flex app, however we are running into issues when trying to incorporate through an AGOL map.

Basically we can see these layers in AGOL when viewing through an internal computer, but the layer list disappears completely for anyone external to our organisation.

All the talk seems to be about the service being externally accessible, but I'm not sure this can be the full story if we can use the service perfectly well in a Flex app. However a user cannot directly view the REST endpoint of a service due to permissions.

I know we don't have an AGOL trusted security certificate on the server, and this prevents us from storing the service credentials on AGOL.

Would be interested to hear if the complications you had might relate to our situation.

Many thanks


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