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Generate Feature Report directly by URL Parameters

07-17-2021 02:00 PM
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I designed two smart forms for my company and leverage the data to be in the dashboards where the end-users could generate the feature reports by configuring the popup in the webmap and adding the URL to generate feature reports.

What I did exactly was using the URL parameters of the report as below:;format:pdf;objectIds:all;mergeFiles:nextPage&extent=58.3926,23.5739,58.3966,23.5744&filter=(0.dss_gis_objectid%20is%${dss_gis_objectid})

There might be the possibility to enhance the generating report by URL and adding all the fields in the report panel as a URL parameters of the "report="

Select a template: templateItemId:XXXXXX;
Format: format:pdf;
Choose records to include: 
Output settings: 

My sugession to add:
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Hello @ZhifangWang

Any update about the Enhancement Number: ENH-000142314

Synopsis: Generate Feature Report directly by URL Parameters in Survey123


@IsmaelChivite, any update?

Enhancement Number: ENH-000142314


Hi @Hussam_AlJabri ,

Thanks for checking. ENH-000142314 is still under consideration and we don't have a solid plan for it yet.

If this is important to your workflow, please consider raising a defect escalation to Esri Support Service for ENH-000142314 by providing business justifications. This can escalate the priority of this feature in our release plans.





Absolutely a need for us.  County government, using Survey123 to build forms on existing enterprise feature services.  We are converting old databases into GIS, but still need the ability to create printouts for the public who cannot/will not use computers or do not have access to them, but still need the information from the databases.

I see now that I can overwrite a report if I have it saved in my ArcGIS Online Content, but being able to have URL parameters would be lovely.  I could then imbed that in a button in an experience builder.  I have users who need certain administrative rights to certain applications we develop for them, but they do not want (& I don't want them) to export reports from Survey123.  


In my instance, we are moving an Access database of county human services into a geodatabase for creating a searchable experience builder application.  But we still need the reports to be generated as needed by less technical users.  Instead of having to have my staff do that or give licensing out to those who don't need it or don't want to pay for it, I could use a URL to generate the reports.

Status changed to: Under Consideration


I can see now we can add the report name using URL. 


Couldn't agree more that this would be a very beneficial (and I suspect not very difficult) enhancement to implement.  Just like @Geoeki , we have inexperienced users and being able to see their data in report form is fantastic, but having to instruct them on how to do so via Data tab in ArcGIS Survey123 website tends to downplay the enthusiasm they have for getting their reports.  Some will be intimidated by the Data page on the website.  They just want the report.

Per @ZhifangWang options 1 and 2 above, avoiding the need to open Survey123 website data page and simply downloading the report via browser window is necessary to remove users confusion.  Leaving them on the Data page for some may be a good idea but for others the confusion will still remain.  Thus both choices would be best, but if I had to pick one it would be option 2.  

Hope others see the value of this and upvote (via contacting local support).



Hi @ZhifangWang


Any update about the Enhancement Number: ENH-000142314

Synopsis: Generate Feature Report directly by URL Parameters in Survey123


@majidalabrawi ,

We are still evaluating/collecting use cases for this scenario.

Would you mind sharing some info about your workflow? For example:

  • What is the app the user tries to print a report?
  • Compared to a dedicated report workflow, e.g. the report panel on the Survey123 Data page or even a report widget in Experience Builder, how can this "click a URL to show a simple web page to generate the report" workflow help?

Note: Based on our current evaluation, it is not suitable to directly generate a report by clicking a URL because it would be difficult to re-download the report if you missed it the first time and also could time out if it takes some time to generate the report. Instead, we are evaluating a new simple web page that can be opened by clicking a URL and on that page, the user can confirm/trigger the report generation, and retrieve/re-download the report file.


Will the above approach work for your workflow?


Hi @ZhifangWang,

The use cases that I experience are similar to a previous placed comment in this thread:

"...Right now, we have to guide inexperienced and infrequent users through the Survey123 Data page just for generating their reports...that's be such a great addition to automate report generation in an automated way..."

The Survey123 features are broad, but this makes it somewhat overwhelming for the one-time report generator that opens the application. 

Report generation with a single click would be amazing to have in web maps, dashboards, experience builder etc. An experience builder widget would only solve the demand for this feature in that specific application. The expansion of possibilities in the URL parameters, such as being able to access the 'generate' button, would be a single implementation that can be used throughout all software components.

Hope this helps in finding use cases.