Launching QuickCapture from Survey123

04-15-2020 04:05 PM
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In this post I will describe, step by step, how to launch ArcGIS QuickCapture from the Survey123 field application.  The animation below illustrates the basic concept where a user launches the Survey123 field app, and then through a link launches QuickCapture.   The link sets the target project to be opened in the QuickCapture app and optionally a value to be passed to the project user input.



There are two basic aspects to all of this: 1) Understanding the syntax for launching QuickCapture from a link and 2) Understanding how to dynamically create a link within a Survey123 survey. The good news, is that both of these things are very easy to do!


How to launch QuickCapture from a link


ArcGIS QuickCapture, like many other apps in your mobile device, can be launched from a link. The syntax for your link is straight-forward. The following shows the basics for opening a new project and passing a value to the project user input:


arcgis-quickcapture://?itemId=<your project item id>&userInput:<your user input>=<the value you want to pass>


To construct the URL as shown above, you can follow these steps:


  • Login into QuickCapture designer and open your project in edit mode.
  • Now, get the itemId of your QuickCapture project from the browser address. In the screenshot below the itemId is highlighted in red.  Make sure you do not include the / slashes at the end and beginning.





With that, you will have your complete link to get things going. Take the link and test it from your mobile device. In fact, if simply want to do a quick test from your computer, you can trigger your link from your Windows web browser as long as you have the QuickCapture app for windows installed. Sorry if you are running a Mac.


To learn more about all the things you can do with QuickCapture links, have a look at: Integrate with other apps—QuickCapture | Documentation 



How to include a link within a survey


Now we are going to include your link within a Survey123 form, and also describe how you can manipulate the link dynamically, to include information from your responses in your survey. This section, by the way, assumes you already know how to work with Survey123 Connect and XLSForm.


  • Go into Survey123 Connect and open your survey. In the XLSForm, start by adding a calculate type of question and construct your HTML lin. Then, display that link in a note label. For example:


calculatelink concat("<a href='arcgis-quickcapture://?itemId=","1cf9606a97d0451e83a600ccb5691ef3","&userInput:001=Santa Ana River Trail'>QuickCapture link</a>"
note  ${link} 


  • Give it a go to try things out.  You can even try from your computer if ArcGIS QuickCapture is installed locally.
  • Next, we are going to dynamically change the value passed in the user input by using an XLSForm variable replacement.


type name label

textprojectProject # 
calculatelink concat("<a href='arcgis-quickcapture://?itemId=","1cf9606a97d0451e83a600ccb5691ef3","&userInput:001=",${project},"'>QuickCapture link</a>"
note ${link} 


There is not much to this. You are now good to go!