Why is ArcGIS PRO so slow to cancel a simple geoprocessing tool ?

07-19-2019 01:58 PM
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Anything you try to cancel in ArcGIS PRO it just gets hanging and spinning and it won't cancel quick. It seems PRO tries to finish the process before cancelling which is a HUGE waste of time and resources and you have to kill the exe and restart every time !

Example where I canceled and it's spinning for MORE than 15 MINUTES !!!

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Yes! This is so annoying. To cancel a process I have to open task manager and kill ArcGISPro.exe! So annoying.

Even something like selecting a subset of points from a layer to export to a new feature class, then cancelling that as I realise I already have what I need. The cancelling message hangs indefinitely. I can't even cancel the cancel.

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Does anyone have anymore information about this? 

Is there a way to force cancel a geoprocessing command that is not responding short of restarting the program?

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Following up on this to ask if this behavior has been improved in the latest version.

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Same thing still happening in Pro 2.6.2.  

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Any updates? Similar to those above, I have to kill the programme through the .exe. Surely this is not how the programme was designed? I am using 2.6.1 - Is there not an answer to this?

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A month later.... same issue. I hit the cancel button and it just says Canceling... above it in my history, the red stop button turns grey, and then it freezes and doesn't cancel anything. In the meantime I can't use the file involved with the cancelled geoprocessing because its hung up on the cancel. So I have to restart ArcPro. Why is so much basic functionality that worked fine in ArcMap (32-bit) now SO much slower and buggy in 64-bit? It has Microsoft's fingerprints all over it...

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It's still the same in 2.7.1.

I cancelled a SelectByAttribute query (~900,000 objects) last Friday and the cancellation still wasn't finished on Monday morning. The Kill command in ProcessExplorer is the GIS-expert's best friend.

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Still the same! 14GB later... I killed it, thanks for this thread -- I kept hoping it would end gracefully...


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Still occuring - any issues why? How do we alert to ESRI? 
I've jsut had to kill by .exe and lost the work I had done .... 

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