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losing scale when repointing imported layout to new map

09-10-2023 09:12 AM
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Hello All,

I have imported a layout file into my project and it comes in correctly, with correct scale and view. (see image one) When I go to point this imported layout to my current map in my current file (black basemap), I lose all scale and view (see image two) The layout file that was imported was exported trying both "fixed extent" and "fixed center and scale" for the map frames. 

Any thoughts much appreciated. I have been trying to figure this out for like a week.

image 01image 01image 02image 02

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prior link and suggestions

Layout Import Not Keeping Scale - Esri Community

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are you familar with the problem I am asking about? Or was this post meant to just point out I had previously posted?

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ive tried everything on that thread, I thought I had it figured out but was wrong.

That thread says its a bug but i think I am missing something

my entire class had the same problem, so pretty sure its not a reinstall needed. If its a bug, does this mean you can never copy layouts from project to project and keep the view and scale?


I just want to copy a layout from one project to another, this should be simple, no?

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I haven't had the screen just turn black, but I definitely switch maps in a layout regularly and it loses the extent and scale I want. My work around it to save a bookmark before I change the map. Although the bookmark is saved under the extend of the other (old) map, you can still use it after you change to the new map. Don't know if you've tried it, but hope you find a solution. 

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Hi rudbeckia,

I think I might now know what's going on here! I was able to reproduce what you are seeing with the second, black basemap from your post, where it zooms in to an incredibly large scale and doesn't keep the fixed extent of the map frame in the Layout file after changing the source map.

I was able to reproduce this when the Coordinate System of the two maps does not match (you can check this by right clicking the Map in the Contents Pane, choosing Properties, and looking in the Coordinate Systems tab).


One way around this, if you want to have the new map's Coordinate System set at the outset, would be to create a Bookmark (Bookmarks—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation) of the extent, and simply point the Map back to that Bookmark after changing the source Map of the Map Frame. Or, if you're working within different projects, you can create the original Bookmark of the extent, and then export it. Then, when you import the Layout File to a new project, you can Import that Bookmark, and your extent will update to what you had specified earlier. 

We are aware of a few internal issues related to what you're seeing here with switching between source maps with different Coordinate Systems and maintaining the scale and extent. But if you'd like to submit an issue to Technical Support, that can help us prioritize which bugs are impacting the most users and can be given higher priority.


Hope this helps!


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