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Sentinel-1 not recognising XML metadata as a raster product

01-27-2023 04:11 AM
New Contributor

Hi everyone

I'm working with Sentinel-1 data in ArcPro 3.0. I've downloaded the data from the Copernicus Open Access hub. When I unzip the downloaded file and view its contents in Catalog, it was my belief that the XML files in the 'Annotation' folder (see attached image) should be represented as raster products, similar to the file (shown at the bottom of the folder structure in the attached image), which could then be dragged into the Map Viewer. This doesn't seem to be the case - does anyone know why?

Many thanks for any suggestions!

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New Contributor

Hi, I am having exactly the same issue. Have you managed to find a solution then?
If I do I will make sure to reply it to you, but by now I guess you should have found it?

Esri Contributor

Hello, I'd recommend updating to ArcGIS Pro 3.1 and adding the raster product directly by right-clicking the file (shown at the bottom of the folder structure). See reference: adding Sentinel-1 SAR data

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