Remove or displace overlapping chart labels

03-17-2021 10:08 PM
Status: Open
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When creating charts that display stacked values, I find that sometimes the stacked values are small enough to result in the label from 2 different segments overlapping each other (see below example). It would be good if the chart either hid the lesser value automatically, or offset the different values to show both without conflict (bottom example).



Solution 1 - Displaced labels


Solution 2 - Hidden Label



Whilst this isn't really an issue when purely analysing data, when displayed in a map layout for exporting and sharing, it's not very cartographically pretty. 

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Yes! I and a colleague were just discussing this! As well as being able to change the placement of labels so that they are within the bar of a stacked bar, vs having the label of the data being in the bar "above" its data.