"Update View" Option Not Showing

04-18-2022 03:14 PM
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I am trying to update the view layer of a hosted feature layer, but no "Update View" button even shows within the settings tab of the view layer. 

I did not set up these layers so I am unsure how it was created, but I am sure the view was created from the hosted feature layer I made edits to. Any ideas on why the update view button would be completely absent here?


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Per the AGOL docs:

Only the owner of a hosted feature layer can create a hosted feature layer view from the original layer.

I have to assume the same restriction applies to any adjustments made to the view, though the docs are not as clear on that point.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Were you able to resolve this? I have the same issue. And this persists whether or not I am logged in as the owner of an item or just as an administrator.

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