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AGOL user type expiration date

02-01-2022 02:21 AM
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Hi, where can I find the license terms of user type licenses? I just buyed field worker users for an annual fee, but the seller has just notified me that they will be valid until my subscription expires (therefore September 2022) and not until February 2023. Did anyone have the same information?

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Can you check on MyEsri?

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Hi @MichaelaAntenucci ,

You can check your ArcGIS Organization Account status by going to your Organization tab in your ArcGIS Organization Account, provided you are the administrator. It should show you the

  1. Subscription ID
  2. Account Creation Date
  3. Renewal Date
  4. ArcGIS Online Credits

Additionally, when you say “your seller”, do you mean it was a Customer Service Rep from Esri?

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