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Coordinate systems when uploading a .csv with point features

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07-07-2017 03:29 PM
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Upload Screen for .csv to feature service

I am trying to upload a .csv to ArcGIS Online using 'Add Item' from my computer within the Content section of AGOL. Just wanted to make sure I understood what is going on under the hood. Does AGOL assume I am using a WGS 1984 datum? What if I uploaded coords in NAD83?

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Will ESRI ever consider including additional spatial reference system options for CSV data. There are many CSVs contain coord not in lat/long USNG, MGRS. for the users doesn't have anything to convert the coordinates, they have no way to upload the CSV file. Something I thought would be basic to include in ArcGIS Online/Enterprise to encourage non-GIS professionals to use the platform.

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