01-30-2022 05:57 PM
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looking to trigger emails using Survey123 what are the ways to implement this?

Does  Survey123/Arcgis Online support ability to customise the email domain? What are the options available to trigger emails, within Arcgis online or by integrating with exchange servers? Is the integration available at Arcgis Online platform or at survey level (meaning multiple survey emails can be configured with each using their own unique mail addresses)

Realise this is a quite broad topic so any help with information/documents will be very useful.

thank you 

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Have you looked into webhooks at all? 


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thank you Katherine.

Instead of web hooks, Can sending and receiving emails be achieved by integrating ArcGIS online service by using standard email protocols  such as IMAP, POP or EWS. 
or like my other question (Custom widgets) this integration are not offered for Arcgis Online due to multi-tenancy?

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