Introducing the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift Toolkit

12-14-2022 11:56 AM
Esri Contributor
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The ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift Toolkit contains open-source components that will simplify your iOS app development. It is built off of the v200.0.0-beta version of the new ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift. It includes:

- An architecture based on SwiftUI and the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift.
- Eleven components, including a compass, scale bar, custom search view, general-purpose floating panel, Utility Network trace tool, floor filter, and popup view.
- Support for iOS v15.0 and newer and Xcode 14.0 and newer.


You can find the Toolkit here.


See this blog post for information on the SDK release.


We hope you enjoy the new release! Let us know what you're building with it.



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