Introducing the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift Toolkit v200.2

08-16-2023 09:06 AM
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The ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift Toolkit contains open-source components that will simplify your Swift app development. It is built off of the v200.2.0 version of the new ArcGIS Maps SDK for Swift and includes the following enhancements and fixes:


* Building for Mac Catalyst is now supported
* Required Xcode version is now 14.1
* Documentation and tutorials are available from the Toolkit Reference in DocC format

Issues resolved

* Various improvements and fixes to the Authenticator
* Support Compass use with SceneView (#326)
* BasemapGallery - Clone basemap prior to setting to avoid "object already owned" error (#328)
* Scalebar refactoring/improvements (#331)
* Added keyboard avoidance support to Floating Panel (#380) and various other improvements
* Add UI Testing App with UI test target and enhance testing of BasemapGallery, Bookmarks, and FloorFilter (#367)
* Improve keyboard focus handling in the SearchView (#7), (#335)
* Many other minor updates to accommodate Swift SDK changes, ease-of-use, bug fixes, and improved behavior

You can find the Toolkit here.


See this blog post for information on the latest ArcGIS Maps SDK for Native Apps release.


We hope you enjoy the new release! Let us know what you're building with it.

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