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07-19-2021 07:24 PM
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If I have a web map with multiple layers to be the reference layers for my Power BI report, the tooltip that appears when I click on the reference layer only shows the attributes for the topmost visible layer. Is this by design or a limitation for the Power BI plugin? Is there any plans to support the display of attributes for all visible layers at the location clicked in the reference layer tooltip, like the standard ArcGIS identify popup does?

Is there a way to be able to achieve this now? Note, there are point layers and polygon layers, so the layers cannot be merged into 1 layer.


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Hey there Mark, thank you for your post.

   At this point in time, it seems that the tool tip will only show the top most visible layer in the visual. I would recommend logging a support ticket to log an enhancement for this, or log an idea in the ideas section of this board.

Keep on keeping on!
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