Solution: Pulling data from a public ArcGIS feature layer into PowerBI (was originally a query!)

08-02-2021 08:37 AM
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Hi folks, 

This one is a second post related to: Some basic ArcGIS queries! - Esri Community

(Note: This is now more of a how to / reference, as I have now solved it - I was missing a second expand in transformation!)

I am now trying to access the data in the feature layer, to use in the visualisation. 

I can access, and 'see' the data in BI, but not in a format that lets me see separate fields. I suspect I am transforming it incorrectly.

Here is a walkthrough of where I am up to:

My source is: NHS Integrated Care Systems and Sustainability and Transformation Partnership areas - Overview (arcg... , and I am using the following services URL: 

Using this guide: How to use ArcGIS with Power BI - Resource Centre | Esri UK & Ireland I am adding the following suffix (/query?where=1%3D1&outFields=*&returnGeometry=false&resultRecordCount=0&f=json) to add to  the above to create the web query (

I then set delimiter to TAB (as I only want one column!) and go through the steps of transforming to JSON, Drilling into Features, Expanding and de-selecting the prefix for the column.

I was originally posting with an issue of just having one 'attributes' data point.

However, the key is to expand twice - i.e. hit the button again to expand the attributes! (the eventual result can be seen in the attached Image.

I am still hunting to answers from the previous questions however 🙂





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