Class renderer for point based reference layer

07-19-2021 08:02 PM
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I have a web map with multiple layers and one of those layers is a point layer. The point feature layer has a single symbol renderer defined, and this symbology is used when viewing the web map in the AGOL map viewer. However, when the web map is used in the Power BI plugin, the layer list tool shows a class breaks render (with the same symbol for each class, as specified in the feature layer) for the points layer. Is this by design? Can it be overridden? I don't even know which field the class breaks are configured to? How could this class breaks renderer be configured?


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Hey there Mark,

   By default, ArcGIS for PowerBI will inherit the Layer Level symbology (as in the layers default symbology, not the web maps). To reconfigure this, bring in that feature layer into a new web map, set the symbology to your specifications, then select Save Layer from layer options (not the web map). This should force ArcGIS for PowerBI to take the correct symbology.

Keep on keeping on!
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