How do I Analyze Data Points within a Layer

07-16-2021 09:21 AM
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I have a list of GPS data points that I plot on a Power BI ESRI map.  I have added a Flood plain layer and want to see which points fall within the flood plain boundary on that layer? 

I have seen a number of ways in presentations that I think might be used like comparing one stores attributes and finding all other stores with similar attributes but I have not been able to find details on how to accomplish my goal.   There was one presentation that stated that layer information could be used to analyze data but didn't get detailed. 

I have provided an attachment which shows the Flood Hazard Areas in purple and the gps location dots.  I need to someone analyze which dots are within the purple Shaded Flood Hazard areas. 

Thank You!

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Hi there Sam, thank you for posting.

If you are looking to do spatial analysis on your data layer with a reference layer based on the reference layer attribute, I would recommend the Join Layers approach:

Essentially, it enables you to join the data layer to the reference layer based off of a common attribute. Let me know how it goes!

Keep on keeping on!
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It could also be driving the selection of the points based on the reference layer. If the reference layer are a Feature Layer, you should be able to select them in the visual and they will return the number of points under 250. The 250 limit is set by Microsoft and we're always looking at new ways around it.

Do either of these suggestions help?



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I appreciate the thoughts. For the reference layer to connect, there has to be a similar data point and they don't have that as far as I can tell. I am not sure what you mean when you say feature layer.
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