How to display the data for ArcGIS Power BI map?

12-14-2023 12:24 AM
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I'm using MS Power BI to perform data anlysis. I need to display the results on ArcGIS for Power BI visual. The problem I'm facing is that when I inserted in the location field the provincse names for Saudi Arabia, the visual displayed them as points, 13 of them. I tried to change the display from points to boundaries, and what was rendered on the map were only few provinces. 

I'm suspecting this issue us due to names differences. So, how can I get or browse the names of provinces, cities, etc.. (metadat or attribute) used by this map so I can cross check with my list of provinces, cities...


Or is there another way.  As summary, poiys are working fine, but boundaries are not.  

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Hi @ThamerTarabzouni 

Potentially it is the location data format. If you are using the default ArcGIS Service to locate your data, potentially you can get around this by adding the country code "SAU" to the data so the format will be "Province, SAU". The cause for this is potentially because the province name may be found in other parts of the world and we need to just help it along to find the right one.

~Just trying to fix things~
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