How can I embed an ArcGIS map into Excel and Power BI? Wil the embedded map update automatically when the map's source data changes? And how can I convert a QGIS map to an ArcGIS map?

10-28-2020 03:01 PM
by Anonymous User
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Jon Emch#embed an ArcGIS map into MS Excel and Power BI (ArcMap with Power BI)

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Hello Mustafa,

   Thank you for reaching out!

  • To add data to ArcGIS Maps for PowerBI, follow the steps in this documentation: Prepare your data
  • To add data to ArcGIS Maps for Excel, follow the steps in this documentation: Add layers from Excel

Depending on how you edit data in Maps for Office (Excel) i.e changing the value manually in the table, the data should update. This goes for PowerBI as well, although that is highly dependent on how the data is brought into PowerBI (if its brought in as a static table, then the dataset will not update, however if you bring it in as a database source it will update upon refresh).

For your last question, there is no way of converting a QGIS map into an ArcGIS Map to my knowledge. However you should be able to rebuild the map in  Pro by brining in the individual layers and rebuilding the symbology and other map properties from there. Hope that helps!

Keep on keeping on!
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