Does the "Location" well support the esri geometry strings?

10-24-2023 09:43 PM
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previously the "Location" well supported both the string for geolocation or the esri formatted geometry string, e.g. "{x:684194.7751, y:7373432.7, spatialReference: { wkid: 20255 }}"

Currently this is not working anymore?! Can you please provide some directions here, thank you

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according this article it should support it: 
Data preparation—ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 | Documentation


It used to work just fine some time ago, now when I'm to provide the report with the map I can't use it as it doesn't appear to be working. it appears to set the extent of the map correctly after i add the column containing the geometry formatted as esriJSON, but no symbology appears, it neither zooms to the feature when selecting in the other table visual. 

Is there anything else needed in the esriJSON formatted string that I've provided above?

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@MichalGasparovic ,


Thanks for your question! ArcGIS for Power BI supports Esri JSON data format that is added  to the Location field well. The format is restricted. Seemed like  "{x:684194.7751, y:7373432.7, spatialReference: { wkid: 20255 }}" is not the correct format.

List an example here.



You could use ArcGIS for Power Automate connectors to get the correct format.

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