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Slicer zooms to coordinates, not entire polygon shape

10-24-2023 07:02 AM
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Hi, I have a map with multiple layers and some of the layers overlap each other(e.g a zipcode layer over census tracts in the same area). When I use a slicer, the slicer zooms to the coordinates of the shape(which is currently the centroid xy coordinates). I would like the slicer to zoom to show the entire polygon shape, not the xy coordinates. Is that possible? 

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Hi @JepchumbaKoech,


Thanks for your question! Looks like you have XY from Power BI data and some reference layers from ArcGIS. Other Power BI visuals (Slicer, table...) reacts to the Power BI data. That's why when you used the slicer to filter ArcGIS for Power BI, only XY was zoomed to. 

In order to zoom to the polygons, you could try to Join(Join layer) your Power BI data with ArcGIS layers (e.g. polygons). Once they are joined, when you use the Slicer, and it will zoom to the filtered polygon.





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