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Does an Online or Enterprise account allow for multiple layers?

03-09-2023 12:40 PM
New Contributor

I'm working with a new team that is trying to decide to go with PowerBI. Going through the docs of ArcGIS on PowerBI, I wasn't able to fully figure out the capabilities.


Can someone explain if the following are possible:

1. If an organization has ArcGIS Online or Enterprise, will that allow end users to switch between different layers? In testing with just the free Standard account, I'm limited to just one.

2. If the answer to question 1 is yes, is that a feature that will require end users to log-in to ArcGIS? From what I understand, end users have to login if there is private content, according to this page:

However, if I publish a PowerBI report with the layers that come with the Standard account, will that still require end users to log in?

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Esri Contributor

To answer your first question, if you are logged into ArcGIS Online or Eterprise, you will be able to utilise the layers found in the organisation

In regards to your second query, yes, but with a caveat. Users will require a log in if the content within the map visualisation is not shared publically. 

If you are using just a standard account, you should be able to share this publically without a prompt to log in as no data should be private.

I hope this helps!

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