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Compatibility Issue with ArcGIS for Power BI on Gaming Desktop

05-15-2023 03:20 AM
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Hello fellow forum members,

I'm encountering a compatibility issue between ArcGIS for Power BI and my gaming desktop [], and I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this matter. Whenever I try to integrate ArcGIS maps or visualizations into my Power BI reports on my gaming desktop, I face difficulties in getting them to display correctly.

I have followed the recommended installation process for ArcGIS for Power BI and ensured that all the necessary prerequisites are met. However, when I attempt to add an ArcGIS map to my Power BI report, it either doesn't load properly or displays an error message.

I have verified that my gaming desktop meets the system requirements for both ArcGIS and Power BI individually, but it seems there might be a compatibility issue between the two software packages.

If anyone has encountered a similar problem or has any insights into resolving compatibility issues between ArcGIS for Power BI and a gaming desktop, I would greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

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Esri Contributor

Have you managed to get it to work on some other computer? I´m also wondering what you mean with the recommended installation process for ArcGIS for Power BI as ArcGIS for Power BI is included with Power BI and does not need to be added or installed.

Could you, perhaps, add a screenshot of the error message?

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Another suggestion would be to make sure your graphics drivers are up to date as this could cause issues with the visualisations. However, it would be difficult to confirm without error messages or any screenshots of the errors, so if you could provide some, it would be very much appreciated!

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