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09-29-2021 01:30 PM
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There seems to be a lot of issues with ArcGIS for Power BI in the most recent releases.

Moving forward, can we revert back to the older ArcGIS for PBI (the one with the circle icons) and provide an opt-in option to preview the newer ArcGIS maps (the square icon)?

The "square" ArcGIS version isn't ready for full release.

This opt-in is very important for many of us who are relying on this tool for mission-critical work and can't wait for the next monthly release.

Thank you for your hard work dev team!

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@hellomynameisjoe - This is an excellent idea! We have been looking into a program like this and have been gathering requirements for it. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to rollback to the previous version, but, I will gladly help you out with any issues you are facing in the new version! 

If you'd like to send me a PM through the Community page, that would be great. We can work together on issues you are seeing. There was another post that I had replied in regarding census tract data, but, I would like to know what other (if any) issues you are seeing. Also, if you have any ideas for improvements, I would love to hear those as well! 

I am tagging my colleague @Anonymous User here as well as this is a good idea! 

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by Anonymous User
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Hi @hellomynameisjoe 

This update was a DNA level change to the mapping API, and we're organized and ready to fix issues quickly. I don't anticipate another change like this for a while but if we do, we will have something for you to test before we deploy.



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Thanks @Anonymous User ! I shared a very basic data set (no info other than the census tracts) to Anthony. Hoping the team can replicate and address the issue!