ArcGIS Map lost focus when it was upload to PBI Service

10-01-2021 12:47 AM
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We encounter an issue with ArcGIS Map when we publish the report to the Power BI Online services. Some of the countries selected will lost focus and disappear from the Map Frame. We need to drag the map up from the bottom of the frame as shown in the pic. Countries such as China, United Kingdom, Canada etc. However when the Map is used in desktop, all the countries appear intact without any issue.

Visualization Version for PBI desktop as follows

Visualization Version for PBI Service as follows 2021.1.91


Any idea why is it happening for the above issue? Thanks.

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Hello @RoyTan 

We will test this one out and see if its a bug, and why the behavior is not working as expected. 

Can you please provide more of the steps to reproduce, or a .pbix file that we can look at directly?

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