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arcGIS Symbology Color/Size adjustment issue Power BI

03-30-2022 07:00 AM
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Within the Layers tooltip>>Symbology>>Color&Size>>Counts and Amounts (color)>>Style Options

Inside the above path for my arcGIS map in Power BI, the Classify Data button is grayed out and preventing me from manually adjusting the number of color classes and method.  I am also unable to adjust the sliding ranges.  Once the hand appears and I click to slide, then the entire classify data option disappears.  The only way to get it back is to remove data from the wells and re-add them.  

The number range of my data is quite small so it is imperative to add several classes and colors.  The current data range is -2.0000 to 1.0000.  

How can i activate this option?  I have also tried a wide range dummy dataset to see if that changed anything but didn't.  I do have number values in the size and color data wells of Power BI

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Esri Contributor

@MarkFleet - Hello there! My name is Anthony and I am a product engineer on the ArcGIS for Power BI visual. I was looking over this issue and I would like to help out if I can!

This particular option and settings are disabled by design. As an example, using both size and color is a good way to show count information (size) shaded by a rate (color). Another example using both size and color can be: 

The Color and Size style is also useful for mapping a single attribute in the data using different colors and proportional symbol pairs to show values that are above and below a key value—for example, where childhood obesity rates are above and below the national average.

Reference: Style numbers (Map Viewer)—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation

However, you can style the data using Color and Size somewhat differently depending on what value you drop in the field well first.

Here is an example of a numeric value being added to the size field-well first and then color. In this instance, I have classified the size value into different groups or buckets, while the color ramp is continuous.


Here is an example of a numeric value being added to the color field-well first and then size. 


Let me know if this helps! 

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Thank you.  I am actually using the same data field for both color and size.  What i cant figure out is why can i not add as many conditional formats for color as i want?  Here is an example.  % change Velocity is 8.8%.  this is considered good.  The line is colored a light shade of yellow/green but i have it set to display as dark green.   what am i missing? 



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also, the classify data is grayed out so i cant add additional classes.  This is a Above and Below theme, but i've tried them all and cant get to work. 



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