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Nested Group Form Elements

06-04-2022 03:17 PM
Regular Contributor

Allow for some level of nested group layers. A group within a group extends user experience in long/complex form scenarios.  We have instances where we might have 30 fields in a single group (because they intuitively belong there) and we want to sub group these with conditional visibility, allow the user to collapse the inner group when that group of fields is complete and so on.  This would help keep the number of fields visible at a given time manageable.

I imagine that when groups were being introduced, ESRI devs knew this request would manifest.


Groups in groups to steer conditional visibility might be a nice option that I like as well. 

But in fact I would prefer form definitions based on subtypes (they were existing in ArcMap) e.g. to get "form 1" and "form 2" based on a field e.g. "task type" which steers my workflow. 


I would also like to request this functionality.


Nested groups would be extremely helpful for projects I am Woking on.