Allow working online even with offline areas

04-04-2022 08:34 AM
Status: Open
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With the addition of field calculations, the ability for the calculation to get data from online makes the difference between on and offline even larger.


It'd be really useful to be able to work online with a map, even if offline areas are downloaded. Before an area is downloaded, the offline enabled map is able to be used but not once an offline cache is made.


I expect this is due to versioning, but many other users could have added any amoutn of data after a offline cache has been created, and a user woiuld have less knowledge of that.


This idea has already been covered here: Simultaneous use of offline areas and online map - Esri Community. Might also note the huge amount of Kudo's it has received! Worth adding more to it still. 


@LindsayRaabe_FPCWAso it has! Not sure how I missed that, didn't show up when I searched...