Simultaneous use of offline areas and online map

12-17-2020 12:24 AM
Status: Implemented
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Currently a map can only be used online or offline. While the option to download either one or several offline areas should be maintained, an additional online map should be made available. Thus, you would not need to delete the offline areas when you want to go online which is not user-friendly (the synchronization takes a long time in each case and the storage space on the devices is limiting). The simultaneous use of offline areas and an online map is needed by field staff for overview and work coordination. Please provide for the same map following options (see attached picture):

  • Online map which can be viewed/edited, e.g. online see below
  • Download user defined areas which can be viewed/edited, e.g. Bereich 1 see below.
  • Download predefined offline areas which can be viewed/edited, e.g., Nord and Süd see below.

Hello @swiss_parks_network_nbernhard 

Thank you so much for the suggestion! We consider and evaluate our customer’s feedback for future updates in Field Maps. 






I agree that this would be really nice - if I remember correctly, this was possible in Collector Classic. 


Definitely agree with this idea. Have wondered why it wasn't sm iron from the get go. Our field staff ate frequently in offline areas, but also online, particularly when using for quick updates in the office. Being able to open an online map for a quick check of something outside of regular offline areas would be very handy!


Adding my support for this idea. This would be particularly helpful for our users that work in areas without service for which we do not have a custom TPK basemap. Currently they are required to download massive areas of basemaps, which is a major issue in terms of time and device storage capacity. 

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Definitely agree with this idea. Hope to change its status to In Product Plan asap.


Would add my support for this feature. It would be great if a map that has offline areas created can also be used in online mode. I would estimate that 95% of the time our field crews have a data signal so can work online and get the benefits of immediate update of data and access to data for the full extent of our region.  The offline areas are really only there for those exceptional times when no service is available.

The way I would get around this for now is to have two copies of the same map - one for offline use and another for online use - but then obviously any config changes need to be carried out in both copies.


Dearly hope this gets implemented. I remember raising this issue during Collector Aurora beta testing, but it never got considered then. I believe its not as simple as it sounds to achieve, but as you say, it worked fine in classic!

At least its now easy enough to duplicate and set one to disable offline mode.


I too would like to see this added. If you are in an area that fluctuates between online and offline frequently, the current iteration is not very practicable.


This would be super useful to our field staff! Right now we are creating online and offline map copies, which is a redundancy. Would be much more efficient if this idea were to come to fruition.