Adding a row to a related table without adding another geometry

08-18-2021 02:58 PM
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Good day all!

I have a problem that I am hoping I can get a bit of help with, any ideas would be super helpful at this point.

I have pushed a feature layer onto our enterprise portal that is a Geometry layer with Site IDs for the various sites. This feature layer is related to several tables through a relationship class in ArcGIS Pro so the related tables follow onto the Portal (great!). The end goal is to create a Web App using either WebAppBuilder or a Configurable App where the data can be edited by others but I understand this is a whole different set of worms and not what I am currently struggling with.

A couple tables are One-Many relationships where there may be several entries related to the one geometry (attributes only, it is not a geometry). I would like to add entries to these tables through portal (add a row) but so far I have not figured out how to do this realistically. Survey123 presents a good option but because the tables are related to the geometry feature layer, it creates an entry automatically in the feature layer table (if no geometry is assigned). 

Does anyone have any insight into how I can make this work? The geometry's are set and don't need to be added to (various sites) but we would like to simply create a new line when an inspection is completed so that there is new information available while maintaining the previous data in the table.

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Hi @jbusbus 

I think you can accomplish this using Web App Builder "Edit" widget. Primary limitation being, you can only add 1 related record at a time (so you cannot batch edit a bunch of inspections at one time, unfortunately). See my post here, I think this is what you are looking for.

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