How to set a different color (format) for a selected item (row) on a list widget?

01-05-2022 10:20 AM
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Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know if is possible to select a different format for a selected item on a list widget?

I use arcade to create the card- shape and a conditional format that is  based on the status of a species but I can't figure out how to change the card format when the item is selected on the list. The current arcade setting only let me set the {SelectionColor}  and it shows as a small bar on the left side of the list. It is not very clear to see the selected item and what I am trying to accomplish is to change the card outline, the background color and add a shadow when the item is selected (see attched pic). Thanks for any help and suggestions!Selected.png


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Hi @JoseBarrios1 

I dont think it is possible to do that.

Alternatively, you might want to consider on changing the selectionTextColor to make it more prominent.



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I'm looking to do something similar. The old version of Operations Dashboard on Enterprise 10.8.1 would have the whole background change when a List item was selected. Since upgrading I've gotten several uses who preferred the color change of the full background and not just a little blue bar. Any chance this could be done with Arcade?

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I would also like this, since I couldn't find an idea for it I created one. Vote for this one: