Ability to Edit Data in Operations Dashboard

08-26-2014 12:26 PM
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     I was just wondering if there has been any consideration given to adding an option to allow the ability to edit data within Operations Dashboard? 


     I am looking at setting up an Operations Dashboard for a Supervisor to monitor field edits from Collector.  Ideally, I would like to give the Supervisor the ability to edit some of the attributes in Operations Dashboard rather than using it to monitor field operations and opening a separate web map to edit. 


     For example: if something is flagged as 'Needs Attention' by staff in the field, this would pop up in an Opeartions Dashboard query.  The Supervisor would then have the ability to assign a 'Work Order ID' and later change the attribute to 'Resolved'.


This is a must.  How is this not part of Opsdashboard???


I'm am pretty lost on where these URL parameters are defined....is this put into the operations dashaboard's URL parameter settings itself? I am trying to achieve the same goal as the esri Public Comment application, but one where the land cases attachments are easier to see (attachment pop-ups in the template are terrible). Ultimately, being able to create new related items in a related table (the public comments) is what needs to happen. I've gotten a nice looking dashboard as far as viewing a map of site development applications and their corresponding document attachments, but not the final item of leaving comments about said cases. 


Hi Mikie Kelly,
I'm confused on how the URL works as well, is it possible to click on a list in a dashboard and have it zoom to a point on an embedded webapp?  I was told this functionality isn't available.  Do I have to enter a search term somewhere first for the map to zoom?  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated?  maybe Dante Lee or Jarom Hlebasko could chime in how they are using the URL parameters?  I'm trying to do the same thing Jamie Lambert was asking above.





You basically just need to add the Embedded Content dashboard element and specify a layer to use rather than a static type so you can add url parameters. 

After that, you can filter out content by adding a filter on that particular layer (don't show null values or something like that) and then choose the Document Content Type. Paste your ArcGIS Online Web App URL in the URL text area

Notice you have an option to add a particular field from the layer that you originally chose. The URL parameter should look something like this:

https://<your portal url>.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=0462e8f1873c4d7d9edad335caae300...

Choose the field you want to search by using the find= parameter. IMPORTANT: All query parameters must be encoded, and the Search widget must be enabled in the app to use this parameter.

More parameters can be found here: Use URL parameters—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Documentation 

Hope this helps!



We would like this functionality so that our security operations team can note which incident they escalate in real-time. This would allow us to have updated KPIs, instead of backtracking and editing the data once a month.


Hi Rianna, I work on the ArcGIS Solutions for Business team and we are developing a configurable template that aligns with the workflow you just mentioned. If you're interested in a conversation to discuss further, feel free to email me at sdocherty@esri.com


Hi Dante, sorry for the delayed response.  Some of the WAB themes such as dashboard and jewelry box are can be used to directly open the feature. That's what I found trying to optimize the number of clicks :)

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@JordanRogers   Dashboards are visual displays that are used to present data in an easy-to-understand format. Editing workflows aren't really a good fit for this product. With that said (and as others have commented), we have seen people take advantage of our embedded content element to do something like what you decribe. That is, they create a web app that enables the light editing, and then they embed the new app into the dashboard via its url. Please note, however, that this is a workaround and there are pros/cons. 




@patrickb there is a lot of support for native editing in Dashboards, and this is coming from the user community. Talking to others at Esri over the years, the spiel has consistently been Dashboards aren't for editing - though I have no idea why this firm position exists, especially when editing is such a popular request with the users.

Allowing editing as an option wouldn't require editing as the only option - the Dashboard creator should be able to toggle editing for each editable feature, similar to WAB. Not sure how this wouldn't be a good fit. Dashboards are great for simple visualization and filtering of data and editing options would only enhance the product. Embedded content as you have correctly pointed out is a workaround, and as expected, embedded content always lags when loading compared to all other elements in a Dashboard.

I also thought 'Operations' was dropped from the name in response to the evolution of use of Dashboards - becoming much more than just an operational view. Hopefully functionality will also continue to evolve. Thanks.

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@JamieLambert Thanks for continuing to lobby for this. We can re-consider our position and open the idea back up for feedback. Please note that adding an editing capability is not in our current product plans, and if we are able to the make the philosophical shift, it would be a while before we could bring even the basics.  In the meantime, we hope the workarounds offered can at least partially fill the needs.