Ability to Edit Data in Operations Dashboard

08-26-2014 12:26 PM
New Contributor III

     I was just wondering if there has been any consideration given to adding an option to allow the ability to edit data within Operations Dashboard? 


     I am looking at setting up an Operations Dashboard for a Supervisor to monitor field edits from Collector.  Ideally, I would like to give the Supervisor the ability to edit some of the attributes in Operations Dashboard rather than using it to monitor field operations and opening a separate web map to edit. 


     For example: if something is flagged as 'Needs Attention' by staff in the field, this would pop up in an Opeartions Dashboard query.  The Supervisor would then have the ability to assign a 'Work Order ID' and later change the attribute to 'Resolved'.


I agree. We end up building a separate web app builder app to embed in a dashboard just for a tiny bit of editing functionality. More overlap between widgets in dashboard and web app builder would lead to less complicated implementations for us.


To echo what @JakeJacobs and others have said, our users don't want to switch between two apps to make small edits (change the status of a point from X to Y). A common workflow is to show new records or postings that need to be reviewed in the List widget, but there is no way to then "review" these requests natively within the app. Instead I have to embed a separate app or hook up a Connect survey to accomplish this, and the Connect workflow is quite fragile. Would be extremely helpful to have a method for editing, as maintaining these Connect workflows is difficult.




Would be great if we could use the smart editor widget from webapp to make simple edits inside a dashboard