Ability to Edit Data in Operations Dashboard

08-26-2014 12:26 PM
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     I was just wondering if there has been any consideration given to adding an option to allow the ability to edit data within Operations Dashboard? 


     I am looking at setting up an Operations Dashboard for a Supervisor to monitor field edits from Collector.  Ideally, I would like to give the Supervisor the ability to edit some of the attributes in Operations Dashboard rather than using it to monitor field operations and opening a separate web map to edit. 


     For example: if something is flagged as 'Needs Attention' by staff in the field, this would pop up in an Opeartions Dashboard query.  The Supervisor would then have the ability to assign a 'Work Order ID' and later change the attribute to 'Resolved'.


I actually got it figured out. Thank you for the tip!


Hi Jarom,

Just in case it's not clear - you pass in a unique identifier as the 'find' parameter and configure the Search widget or Web Map to use this against a specific layer field.

Note for Survey123 you must have a form configured against the Feature Layer and pass the ObjectID - see this documentation and this blog for more details.



I had some trouble configuring the URL properly, and noticed the documentation is missing the itemID structure. Rather than adding ?find, it should be &find after the itemID. In case anyone comes upon this thread in the future:

http://<your portal url>/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=<itemID>&find=380 new york street, redlands, ca‍

Actually a little help is needed - is it possible to show the pop-up in edit mode? Right now, "find" opens a "callout marker" (without ability to edit) as opposed to the editor pop-up. It's an issue because these are a series of stacked points. Michael Kelly Jarom Hlebasko


Dante Lee‌, A workaround that our team has come up with is to add the smart editor widget into the WAB app and configure it for the layer(s) of interest that need to be edited.  What's nice about this widget is the ability to declare which fields can be viewed/editable.

If you use the query function for the URL scheme, it will zoom to the feature  and open the popup.  If you click on the options button of the pop-up in the bottom right hand corner, there is a smart editor options.  This opens up the smart editor widget for said feature.



How do I pass the objectID from the dashboard into the Survey123 URL?


We did end up using the Smart Editor widget instead. But ooh, that distinction between the query function vs. find really makes a difference. That does help! Do you know if there's a way to directly open the Smart Editor without having to click on the options button?


Andrew - check out this post (Survey123 Tricks of the Trade). It's covered in the section "Embedding an edit web form within Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS" 


Thank you Dante.  I was able to figure it out after a little bit of tinkering.  However I am now running into an issue where dateTime questions are being converted to AM time by default.  For example:


Yes please!  The Operations Dashboard is so much better looking and easy to develop than Web App Builder.  If I could just enable editing, it would be perfect.