3 buildings in 1 polygon = 1 shape. How to split into 3 different shapes?

05-10-2017 07:58 AM
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3 buildings were generated on 1 polygon. I want to keep all 3 buildings exactly the same, but I need to modify them individually.

Currently, they seem "merged" into 1 shape, so the appearance of all 3 buildings changes if I make modifications in the inspector. How can I split the shape into 3 shapes so I can modifiy the shapes individually?

I am using a modified version of International City.cga.

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It looks like you have dynamic shapes which are automatically created from a street network.

Creation of Shapes from Graph Networks 

These are different from static shapes because the dynamic shapes are automatically created and can be controlled through parameters that can be found in the Inspector.  With street networks, street shapes are created above the graph network edges.  The shapes in between streets are blocks.  If shapeCreation is turned on (default), then large blocks will be subdivided into smaller lots.  The Lot rule is automatically assigned to each lot that borders a street, and the LotInner rule is assigned to those that do not border a street.  (But, the rule assignment can be changed.)  This subdivision can be controlled by block parameters.

Block Parameters 

You could try to play around with the block parameters to see if you can get the subdivision you desire.

Or, for more manual control of your lots, you can convert your dynamic shapes into static shapes.  This means they won't be controlled by the graph network anymore.  With dynamic shapes, you can move the street network, and the lots will move too and be automatically re-created to fit the new street network.  With static shapes, the lots will be independent of the street network.  To convert dynamic shapes to static shapes, write a simple rule (Lot --> X.) and apply it to the dynamic shapes you want to convert.  Then, select the shapes and go to Shapes -> Convert Models to Shapes.  With static shapes, you can then manually split them however you want using the polygonal shapes tool.

Polygonal Shape Creation 

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Hi Cheryl, thank you.
Yes, I do have dynamic shapes. I tried playing around with the block parameters but didn't get the appropriate subdivision. Static shapes are good for copy-pasting the y-vertex values into my separate excel file, but not for the modifications I want to make (facade stretches, as described in my other post here).

I gave a unique shape name to every shape (even though 1 shape consists of 3 buildings), and then did a manual workaround by copy-pasting these shapenames to a separate excel file. I named them as follows:

I think splitting the shape seems not feasible for my purposes. Shall we keep it to my other post on getting building heights and close this one? They are related to each other, it's the same project.

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