generate city initial shapes with cityengine sdk?

05-15-2017 02:49 AM
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i want to generate a city's layout at runtime in my application(windows platform), i konw cityengine sdk can be used to generate  procedural models base on some kind of inishape,but what i want is not only the models but also the initial shapes( streets,blocks in cityengine), can i accomplish  this with cityengine sdk?

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thanks for your interest in the CityEngine SDK.

at this point, the CE SDK is purely working on the block and building level, i.e. it takes an input geometry, executes CGA rules (via rule packages) and outputs the generated geometry via one or more encoders. e.g. you can use the "area split" operation in CGA to subdivide a block polygon into parcels.

support for terrains or street network generation are unfortunately not part of the SDK at this point. but of course we are always open for suggestions. what is your specific use case?

sorry for the mixed news & kind regards,


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ok, thanks for your reply

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