Use a csv file to append data to a feature layer on AGOL

09-01-2022 12:13 AM
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I would like to use a CSV file to append data to an existing feature layer on AGOL .  I found several sources such as below but I could not figure out how to implement them in my case.

csv_name = update.csv

Item_id (on AGOL ) = 'f5f917dab40e46d4a83c4a11f8b7b681'

csv_path  = 'C:\Test'

Do you have any idea how can I update this feature layer using the append() function?

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First, you need to connect to your AGOL site, then add()  the CSV as an item to AGOL.

Then, you can create a Feature layer object using the layer's url, then append()  to the feature layer. See 

Note: Make sure the field mappings are correct to ensure the append works. If you have example names for the AGOL site and items, I can send a test script for you.

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