Find map service data source

10-11-2022 02:47 PM
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I need to be able to find the data source of all referenced map services within Portal. I have written a script to do this, however it feels unnecessarily clunky, does anyone know whether there is a better, simpler way to achieve this? For image services, this path information is easily located within the service properties, I cannot seem to find this equivelant information for map services (just the .msd is there which isn't helpful).

In an ideal world I would update all the source data paths as we've had a DFS change, but editing the manifest.json seems wrought with danger. A less hacky way would be hugely helpful!

from pathlib import Path
import json

gis = GIS("URL")
servers = gis.admin.servers
for server in servers.list():
    serviceManager =
    folders = serviceManager.folders

    for folder in folders:
        services = serviceManager.list(folder=folder)
        for service in services:
            properties_dict =["properties"]
            if[0].type == 'MapServer':
                # create new path string to the manifest.json
                filepath = properties_dict['filePath']
                parts = Path(filepath).parts
                new_path = str(Path(*parts[:parts.index('extracted')+1 / 'manifest.json')
                with open(new_path, 'r') as f:
                    data = json.load(f)
                path = []
                for db in data['databases']:


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