Cloning Content from AGOL to Enterprise

02-23-2022 12:26 PM
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Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. Currently, I'm trying to copy data from ArcGIS Online to Enterprise. Some of the content will include: Webmaps, Survey123 Forms, Tile Packages, and Feature Layers. I've looked into using the API for Python to get this to work, notably the clone_items tool: (

Setting the "copy_data" value to false does clone the content. However, requires the old AGOL login information to be entered to access the items. Setting this value to true gives me the error: 

Access to admin resources are not allowed.\n(Error Code: 403)

Both the source and target accounts are administrative accounts. Any help or advice would be awesome!


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Hello Matthew,

Have you tried the AGOL assistant? 

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Hello Amanda,

Yes I have, it works for some items. However, is unable to copy Survey123 Forms. I have also seen it delete attribute data when copying over.

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Try these these ArcGIS Notebooks from Esri Professional Services. They are for templatizing and cloning content between orgs and enterprises.