My Esri Release - January 23rd, 2019

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We will be moving forward with a release of My Esri on Wednesday January 23rd at 5pm (PST).  This release is very exciting as it will have 10.7 licensing updates, and overall licensing experience changes.  Please see the below details on these as well as other key enhancements /fixes that will be included.






My Esri Release Items





Terminology Updates:


  • To be more consistent with licensing terminology, updates have been done in areas of the site that replace the word 'provision' to 'license' where applicable.
    • The 'Create Provisioning File' link on the Licensing tab has been renamed 'License Esri Products'.
    • The 'Manage Existing Provisioning Files' link on the Licensing tab has been changed to 'Manage License Files'.


Streamlined Process Updates:


  • The last two steps of the licensing process have been combined to reduce the number of steps.
    • This combines the Delivery Method and Review steps into one.


  • For Products where you do not license extensions, the License options have been removed.


  • Removed the License (formerly Provisioned) options for Additional Portal Products and ArcGIS Pro (for Portal use) in the License Esri Products workflow as these are not needed due to their only being one option.


  • Fixed the issue where the Convert ArcGIS Pro Named Users workflow was cutting off at 50 records.



Reporting Updates:


  • Provisioning information has been removed from the Authorization Activity Report.
    • These aren’t always actually activated and has caused confusion when users are trying to understand authorization activity.


  • A new provisioning/licensing report has been created.
    • This report will allow users to keep better track of their created license files.


Experience Updates:


  • A new Basic view has been added to the Licensing page that highlights the standard workflows to help users get their software up and running.



10.7 Pre-Release Version Updates:


  • Added the new 10.7 licensing workflow (User Types) for ArcGIS Enterprise.
  • Added version 10.7 to the downloads.





  • Added the new pre-release 10.7 licensing workflow to the Developer tab.