Why can’t I submit cases? (Or, How I became an authorized caller and reported my issue)

Blog Post created by tdolan-esristaff Employee on Aug 15, 2018

You’re using Esri software and you find an issue. You want to let Esri know about this issue so we can fix it.

So you sign in to My Esri, and you navigate to the Support sub tab under My Organizations. You search this Support Overview page.

What is an authorized caller?
Someone from your organization who is designated to contact Esri to request technical support.

But you can’t find a way to submit your issue.

Now, on top of having the software issue, you have this to deal with.

Not to worry.

If you become an authorized caller for your organization, you can submit cases, in addition to taking other actions on cases and bugs. As long as your organization’s support maintenance contract has active entitlements, you can become an authorized caller.

How do you know if your organization’s support maintenance contract has active entitlements? Unless you see a message that your contract is invalid on the Support Overview page, you are good to go.


Adding an authorized caller

These instructions are written for someone with Administrator Assign Permissions permission for your organization – someone we call an “admin” for short. [If you don’t have that permission yourself, see the Troubleshooting section below.]

In this scenario, you are already connected to My Esri, and you already can view Support information, (as we saw above), and now you’re also an admin, so all you need to do is add yourself as a caller.

From the Support Overview page, accessed from My Organizations / Support, click Authorized Callers.



Updated 10/22/2018: This functionality has moved from the Support sub tab to the Users sub tab, and is now called Manage Authorized Callers.

Now click Add Caller.



In the Add Caller field, type in your name. The predictive search will offer the names of users connected to My Esri and users who are in our system who have used the phone to contact Esri Support Services. If we have a username for either type of contact, it will appear in brackets after the name.

Supply a Call-in ID. Should you ever want to use the phone to contact Esri Support Services, this is a key that you will dial in when you call.

Select your Caller Level. The options listed here depend on that active support contract mentioned earlier, so you may see different choices here. Check all that apply.

If you are at an organization outside the US, you may also have an option to provide the language you prefer to be contacted in.

When you’re ready, click Add Caller.

That’s it!

After the page refreshes, you should now see the link to Request Case.



Complete and submit the form with the Esri software issue you found at the beginning of this blog post, and someone from Esri Support will contact you soon after.

Once you are set up as an authorized caller, you don’t need to go through these steps again. The Request Case (and Manage System Profiles) links will appear every time you sign in to My Esri.



Can’t see the Support sub tab under My Organizations? This means you lack the My Esri permissions to see this. You can Request Permissions using the form found from My Organizations > Overview.

You’re not an administrator, and you don’t know who your organization’s administrator is? You can request permissions to be an admin (see above); or you can use Contact My Administrator to send your admin a message.



You’re the administrator, but the caller you want to add isn’t listed? No problem - simply enter their email address in the Add Caller field – you’ll be prompted to provide the caller’s contact info. When you submit the form, the caller-to-be will receive an invitation email from My Esri at the email address you provided. The email will contain a token which will allow the new caller to be connected to your organization in My Esri as an authorized caller.



Don’t want to give someone full admin permissions just to manage callers? There is a permission which allows users to be able to add, edit and delete authorized callers without having to have full admin permissions. Request the “Assign Authorized Callers” permission from your existing admin.



[UPDATED 4/25/2019 to change the name of the permission formerly known as "Assign Permissions" to "Administrator".]