Maximizing Value with Web Application Templates

Blog Post created by MHartel-esristaff Employee on Jul 23, 2018

At this point, web maps are easy to use, and quick to make, and many of our Web GIS users are happy to share a link to their ArcGIS Online or Portal Map Viewer and go from there. That being said, it can be argued that almost any web map would benefit from being taken out of the authoring view of the Map Viewer and into a web application better suited to its use case.


This Spotlight Talk looks breaks down some main advantages that Web Application Templates can provide to your organization.  

  • With Esri’s latest ArcGIS Web App templates, users can quickly create and publish maps and control the look and feel of the user experience without coding expertise. 
  • Learn how Esri can help you quickly get your Web apps up and running.
  • Taking a COTS-first (Commercial Off the Shelf) mindset with Esri's Web App templates, with customization as a last resort can put the control and more importantly the cash back into the hands of the GIS department. 


Whether you find yourself a chronic user of the Map Viewer, or are not sure what type of application to make, the bottom line is this: If you want to make cleaner, clearer, and better maps efficiently while reducing costs, web mapping applications contain the tools to help you maximize value with your Web GIS. 



Download the PDF version of the presentation from 2018 Esri User’s Conference: Maximize Value with Web Application Templates