Inspire Your Workforce to Adopt GIS

Blog Post created by DSchneider-esristaff Employee on Jun 25, 2018

The Esri User Conference presents a unique opportunity for professionals of all domains to collaborate and learn about the power of leveraging The Science of Where™ in their organization. This year’s theme, “GIS, Inspiring What’s Next” gets to the heart of how GIS can transform organizations. 


Organizations of all types are seeking out new ways to leverage GIS to improve mission execution, achieve business goals, and provide new insights. GIS has shifted from a siloed technology to being cross-cutting, touching business units across the entire enterprise.


This shift presents challenges for GIS leaders, managers, and IT professionals. Introducing new technologies has a direct impact on an organization’s people. Inspiring your workforce to change and embrace new technology-enabled workflows requires a strategic, collaborative approach.

Change management is a formalized approach to analyzing the workforce impact of integrating new technologies into workflows and planning accordingly. The planning process accounts for

  • Sponsorship
  • Communications
  • Resistance management
  • Training and workforce development


Integrating people=focused change management activities into your GIS technology implementation plans helps to

  • Provide seamless integration of people-oriented support into your technology project plans.
  • Increase in adoption rates.
  • Earn executive sponsorship support.
  • Shorten your implementation cycles.


Several conference sessions are available to help you start thinking about change management:

Implementing ArcGIS Track

GIS Manager Track

If you cannot make it to the sessions or you would like to spend time elaborating on the concepts and knowledge gained in the two sessions, stop by the Implementing ArcGIS area in the Expo. Talk with us about

  • Your organization’s change readiness.
  • The risk and impacts of change.
  • Strategies to increase technology adoption across your team, department, or organization.

Whether you are introducing GIS to a few key individuals or you are preparing for an enterprise GIS implementation, there are many opportunities to learn how to integrate people-oriented change management principles into your strategy at this year’s User Conference.