UC 2016 Lightning Talks

Blog Post created by MCoast-esristaff Employee on Jun 30, 2016

All of the Lightning Talk presentations are available here. You can also find them under the Categories list, found on the right side of the Platform Enablement community main page.


In order to find the session you want, check the list of lightning talks under Featured Content. The talks are arranged in three groups, Strategy & Plan, Implement, and Operate. These can be easily associated with the six topics in the Platform Enablement area at UC and the six categories on the GeoNet Platform Enablement main page.

  • Training & Certification and Organizational Support are in the Operate group
  • Strategy and Planning has the same name
  • Architecture & Security, Geodata Engineering, and Configuration and Integration are all part of Implement


Once you've identified the right group, click the categories to find the lightning talk you want. The presentations have been converted to PDF format for easy sharing. Feel free to contact the presenter with any questions.


And while you are in the category, feel free to post any questions you have or start a discussion. Let's keep the conversation going.