GeoNet Weekly News & Tips: GeoNet Community Discussions Covering Coronavirus, US Disaster Community, and 6 Product and Service Updates

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Featured Community Content: GeoNet Community Discussions Covering Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)

University of Virginia COVID-19 DashboardAs communities around the world are working to bring awareness to coronavirus and its impact, we curated a list of content in GeoNet for your convenience. Engage with the opportunity to collaborate on problem-solving and resource building to help address the outbreak, or find inspiration for your projects. 


Users like Dawen Xie shared a dashboard built for the University of Virginia (pictured). You can learn more about ArcGIS Hub to create your own collection of map resources, see guides for Educators who are rapidly developing online lesson plans, and more. Go to: GeoNet Community Discussions Covering Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19)


Being helpful can make you a winner. Learn more about the 2020 GeoNet Contest 


Featured Place of the WeekUS Disaster Community

US Disaster CommunityIf you’re a Federal, State, Local, or Tribal entity working on your disaster responses, follow the US Disaster Community. Geospatial professionals across the United States are working in the community to address the coronavirus outbreak, earthquakes, and other impactful disasters happening in the country. Participate in information sharing to collaborate and enrich your geospatial efforts. Follow: US Disaster Community.


Open Questions & Discussions

David Sandel is asking about how to export ArcGIS maps to WordPress plugins. What would you suggest?  

Adam Fackler wants to know how to set the mobile view when a phone is in landscape orientation for ArcGIS Experience Builder. Have you dealt with this before?   

Dave Stewart symbolized polygons using unique valuebut needs the outline of the polygons to be seen through layers. Can you help him?  


Take a few minutes to help a GeoNet member solve a problem today. See if you can answer these unanswered questions in the community. 


6 Product and Service Updates

My Esri has new update for purchases made from the Esri store, issue fixes, and more 

Explorer for ArcGIS March 2020 release comes with new features for iOS and Android devices. 

Arc Hydro has a new Wetlands Identification Model (WIM) functionality 

Learn about Arc Hydro's new additions in ArcGIS Pro 2.5. 

Esri+SAP - Better Together announced a limited trial program for the SAP + Esri Experience. 

Check out the introduction and roadmap for Workflow Manager Server 10.8.1  


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